Daily Archives: July 19, 2012

And lest you think we forgot…

We have been promising the Construct Codex for a while now, and it is finally ready to drop this August! It is said that good things come to those who wait, though in this case by “good” we mean “fantastically sinister and delightfully diabolical”! Case in point, the magnificent crowflight carriage, the most pimptacular ride your high-class vampire lord could ever want. Check out Colby Stevenson’s amazing artwork, but if you see this rig rumbling down your block get outta sight. Somewhere, a bad moon is risin’ and trouble is most definitely on the way!

Coming your way in August - Evil Overlord not included but definitely recommended!


Legendary Games Presents: Adventure Path Plug-Ins for the Far East Adventure Path

Brought to you as only the masterminds at Legendary Games can bring it! Following up on our amazing products in support of the Gothic Adventure Path, Legendary Games brings you a new series of products designed to enhance any campaign that ventures into the realm of Far Eastern fantasy, available beginning in August. True to the source material from our favorite Pathfinder publisher, this is not material solely for use in a purely Asian-themed campaign. Far from it! These products will support the length and breadth of any campaign where East meets West and all points in between. Whether you’re wandering the dreamscape of the vengeful white-haired witches or venturing to the frozen end of the world and beyond to bring the Destined Empress to her glory, or just seeking gold and glory for yourself on your way to the uttermost East, your caravan awaits!

If you think this looks good, just wait until you see Hugo Solis' illustrations inside! We just have to decide on the most awesome one to use for the cover!