Daily Archives: August 16, 2011

Reviews in for Treasury of the Macabre! — “It might as well be an official Pathfinder product”

Treasury has only been out for two days and already its getting high praise, not only from the official paizo boards, but from emails to us as well (and no, not just from proxy accounts set up by Jason 🙂 ).

To me, nothing sums the reviews up better than this one from Joseph Wilson in his 5-star product review on the paizo boards:

“It might as well be an official Pathfinder product. It’s that good.”

That is exactly what we were shooting for and we are glad that is how it is being received.

Other comments from the boards include:

“I have to say that so far what I am looking at – the colors and the overall layout, is a piece of art.”

We agree. Tim’s layout is really amazing and we hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the Paizo boards. As you can see, we take feedback and comments seriously. In fact, fan feedback prior to release helped shape some of our design decisions for the cover and the links on the cover. We are gamers first, and as a result we know that gamers are smart. So we welcome and respect your input because in the end, these products are for you, the Pathfinder fan!

If you want to see how fan input changes our design decisions, read this thread: